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, thank you. >> now the latest on the plane crash in san francisco. the ntsb is giving us a clear picture of what was going on inside the cockpit when the flight went down to. today we learned more about the four pilots on board. jennifer davis has the latest from san francisco international. >> during two days of questioning, the pilots of asiana flight 214 that automatic throttled -- not tells were set properly but the plane slowed. >> one sat in the cabin with passengers and crew and the other three together in the cockpit with the trainee pilot on the left and his instructor in the right seat. >> he reported this was his first trip as an instructor pilot. this was the first time that he and the flying pilot that he was instructing had flown together. >> asiana airlines says the pilot was certified as a trainer last month. teams of federal investigators are combing through the fuselage inside and out tnt s.b. chair walking the debris wall -- ntsb chair. >> you can see aircraft parts, galley materials, newspapers, magazines, and flooring. >> meantime asiana c.e.o. mobbed by the media at
yesterday. the cause of crash is still sti under investigation. back in the states the ntsb officials in san francisco say pilot in control of boeing 777 flight was only halfway through thinks boeing 777 training.inin three other pilots were on board with him but it was the first time the instructor pilot and training p pilot flew together. the pilots claim the plane's automatic controls were set to proper landing speed but the plane slowed down upon landing. the c.e.o. has aarrived in san francisco to meet with >> new allegationsve facingg virginia governor bob mcdonnell about gifts he received but did not disclose. >> tropical storm chantal is turn churning toward the east coast. tucker? >> warm and humid conditions toc start your day. it's really humid and really warm. we'll talk about your forecast for your wednesday. w we'll look at chantal and juliee has traffic coming up after the break. >> right now tropical storm chantal is nearing land in the caribbean. it's expected to make landfall in the dominican republic and ad haiti today.hait it's in effect for puerto rico,r
of thatth asia plane crash in san francisco. the ntsb says only seconds sa before impact did the captainys realize an automated throttle was not controlling the place of business' speed, it was onlys this a ready position and it ha not been engaged. the it revealed that the pilot at training in the controls was sitting next to a man in his hi first trip as a instructor pilot. pilot. the impact was so harsh that two high lotpilots were tucked intoi of plane inside they they at an time provide any details but but ruled out terrorism, i 50 peoplp are still missing. >>> if you drive a pickup o or n suv, you better watch out. >>> we will tell you what happened to a man who while waiting for a metro train.  it's kind of hot. but it's not too hot. bingo. try dunkin's new hot & spicy breakfast sandwich with jalapeÑo and habanero peppers. taste what's hot today. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> all right, welcome pack to fox 5 morning news. ne time now 6:15 coming up on 6:15, that's your favorite shot, isn't it, sarah. >> it is, it's so >> it looks like a >> f
: for now the ntsb and fire crew airport is waiting for the coroner to determine the cause of death. deat >> as of this time because we have not established thosehose facts, we cannot answer your question. >> reporter: federal investigators are very rude the surveillance rid t video to seef of the victims was run over byey an emergency vehicle, but it's inconclusive. jennifer davis, fox news. >>> tonight egypt is plungingpli further into chaos after clashel between the muslim brotherhood and the military that toppled the democratically elected president. either side is watching and urging calm.. we are there with the latest. >> reporter: deeper and darker battle lines emerge in in egypt as the muslim battle hood calls on the to call on military as they removed morsi from power. this after, clashes between soldiers in kiro, the cairo, iss attacked the building, at least if i are dead50 are dead, repore than 300 injured.00 >> i don't think the muslim brotherhood armed with thistics, and stones is going to be any ay match for the egyptian what i'm worried is that they join forces
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4